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5 Star Review - Snowy and Zoey's Big Life Lesson

In Snowy and Zoey’s Big Life Lesson by Hilda Youssef, we are introduced to two friends. Snowy is a pretty white dog and Zoey is a beautiful purple butterfly. Both are very excited because it’s their first day of school and they are eager to make new friends. When they got to their classroom though, Zoey couldn’t help but feel there was something different about her classroom. That’s when she realized the difference was her. Everyone in her class was white except her. This caused the butterfly to feel nervous and out of place. As the day went on, no one seemed to react to Zoey negatively, but she still felt awkward. They painted and sang songs and slowly Zoey began to realize that she had a lot in common with the other students. She slowly began to come out of her shell as her best friend Snowy helped her along the way. By the end of the day, the butterfly found that she loved school and that just because she didn’t look like the other kids in her class, they didn’t seem to notice so she shouldn’t let it bother her.

Snowy and Zoey’s Big Life Lesson by Hilda Youssef teaches kids a very big lesson, and that it is okay to stand out and looks don’t define a person or, in this case, a butterfly. Teaching children that everyone is unique in his or her own way is a very important lesson. Snowy and Zoey were very likable characters but I feel many children will relate to Zoey. The fact that she’s a purple butterfly in a class of all-white animals really stands out. Many children of color experience this, as well as those with disabilities. I think this is the perfect book to read to your child to help them understand that everyone is different as well as that they aren’t alone; they are unique and special. I also really enjoyed the illustrations. They are beautifully done and fit perfectly with the storyline. Hilda Youssef has created a wonderful children’s book and I cannot wait to read more of her work.

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